Visual Photo

Available for iPhone, iPad

Visual Photo helps you to understand the basics concepts of photography seeing changes by modifying the parameters of each photograph.

In the home screen choose the parameter you want to see: ISO speed, Aperture, Exposure or Focal Length, this will take you to a second window where you can modify the main parameter, doing so, the image will change to show you the differences.

For instance, if you select Aperture and start modifying the f:/ number you will see how depth of field is affected, the corresponding ISO speed and Exposure values will change accordingly.

Visual Photo is NOT:
- A course on photography
- A manual of photography
- A compendium of instructions
- A book that will teach you to use your camera

Visual Photo IS:
- A quick and easy way to understand basic concepts such as Exposure Time and Depth of Field
- A simple program that shows in pictures your camera's technical aspects
- A way to easily understand what is going on when you change settings in your camera


- You can choose between 4 parameters: ISO, Aperture, Exposure & Focal Length
- More sample images will be added in future releases.
- When you drag the control with your finger the images change to show you the result.
- iPhone & iPad Retina Display ready.
- English and Spanish.

Available on the AppStore

LottoEx HD

Disponible para iPad

LottoX es un generador de combinaciones para loterías. Puedes generar desde 3 combinaciones hasta 100 y cada combinación puede estar compuesta desde 4 hasta 10 números y puede ser usada con cualquier lotería del mundo.

LottoX generará el nùmero de combinaciones seleccionado de un rango desde 10 hasta 99 números. La manera en que se generan los números es completamente aleatoria, igual que en los sorteos.


- Puedes crear combinaciones de 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 y 10 números.
- Las combinaciones se crean con un rango de números del 1 al 10 o hasta del 1 al 99
- Puedes crear 3, 6, 9,12, 15, 20 30, 40, 50 o 100 combinaciones.
- Envía por correo las combinaciones generadas.

Disponible en el AppStore